Professional Lorry Movers In Malaysia

We are here to make your move as smooth as possible

Being the professional lorry movers in Malaysia, our complete line of moving services include delivery of boxes, full packing and unpacking and secure storage facilities. At Venture Mover, we provide sturdy moving boxes of all shapes and sizes. We even deliver the boxes right to your doorstep so as to save your time in searching suitable boxes to store your belongings.

Additionally, we have a team of well-trained packers to make your move a breeze. All of your belongings will be wrapped and packed carefully with specialised tools and techniques. Besides, we will unwrap your belongings with extra care and help you get settled quickly. Our packing and unpacking services keep your valuable items safe while relocating or placed in storage.

Further, our warehouse storage service is mainly catered for clients who need a temporary storage to store their personal items before moving to another place. As the professional lorry movers in Malaysia, you can count on us for a complete service which meets all the needs of moving.


See what we can do for your move!

We move items from various size and weight, be it a big wardrobe made of solid wood or a small crystal statue.


We make sure our workers are well trained and well equipped with the right tools and knowledge to serve our customer with their maximized potential.

Venture Mover is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We have a dedicated management team to arrange everything with the customer.


We own few lorries with the capacity to move things from one whole “rumah panjang” to another.

Local Moving house-moving-service

We understand the challenges of moving in Malaysia. From building restrictions to traffic congestion, we have a process in place to make your move as smooth as possible.

Our complete line of moving services including delivery of boxes and supplies, full packing and unpacking and secure storage facilities.

You Can Trust Us lori-pindah-rumah

  • We offer you full insurance coverage to protect your household goods from start to finish.
  • Our vehicles have a nationwide tracking system. We are able to keep track of your shipment at all times.
  • We also have a great group of packers who have many years of experience.
  • Each packer receives ongoing training based on safety, efficiency, and customer service.

Storage warehouse-storage-service

Our warehouse facilities are equipped with a 24/7 and 365days security system supervised by trained security agents.

We offer storage in transit as well as long-term storage for the following items, before putting your belongings into storage, they are wrapped and packed with specially designed packing materials, to further protect your consignment.